The Breachpen is an ultra compact metal cutting device intended to break through metal barriers for access. A minimalist yet powerful breaching tool.


        It’s extremely equippable and mobile, doesn’t require batteries or fuel and can be neatly packed into tactical loadouts or urban survival kits. To activate, it’s as easy as lighting a match and to use, just place the Breachpen on the material or surface to breach.

  • Fully Self-Sustained
  • Burns at 5072 Fahrenheit
  • Burns For up to 25 Seconds
  • Total Start Weight: 0.38 lbs
  • Unused Length: 12″
  • Made in America

KIT     |     $55+    |     BUY

        *The Breachpen is made exclusively in the United States. Each unit is for a single use. Not for sale on Amazon or to civilians. The Breachpen is a unique breaching tool that uses an actual flame to cut or weld metal for access or utility. Although this is not a review, it is certainly a recommendation for relevant professionals with tactical requirements.