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Det Cader - Covert Operative in a Jet Tradecraft | RDCTD

      COVERT OPERATIVE     ::     Less formally referred to as “spycraft” or less commonly as “streetcraft”, it’s the methodologies and philosophies of engaging in clandestine operations, espionage, urban survival, life hacking and certain types of warfare.
      The skillsets, techniques and mindsets associated with the trade are designed to optimize mission objective parameters, operational cohesion and personnel capability / viability – to be an apex human.
      Tradecraft is the set of techniques and operational strategies employed by CIA officers (covert operatives) and assets (agents) to collect intel and operate missions while maintaining peak self conditions. With strategic implementation, tradecraft can be applied to augment any other profession or everyday “normal” life.

      SELF-SOVEREIGNTY     ::     The operative lifestyle concept of having complete mastery of yourself, your life and your property. To really own what you own. Definitive dominion of all aspects of your way of life and exclusive control of your possessions. For the purpose of being resistant to outside influence, interference, restrictions and governance. It’s to be free from of the world yet be connected to it unfettered and flexible.
      Self-sovereignty is when covert operatives take control of their own actions and decisions without depending on someone else (handler, group); they are able to make independent judgments to serve the mission and protect themselves. As with tradecraft training this can also be implemented to augment any other profession or everyday “normal” life.

      NOTICE     ::     Due to the provocative and legally ambiguous subject matter and our reverence towards privacy and security, this site takes extensive (passive and active) measures to ensure anonymity to both random visitors and private members of this site. This site employs no bots, cookies or trackers of any sort, while taking measures to counteract them.
      By using the intel and opinions provided by this site, you agree to use it at your own risk. [RDCTD] assumes no responsibility or liability from any potential damages incurred – legal or otherwise.
      The covert operative group is decentralized and in no way officially affiliated with the Central Intelligence Agency or the United States Armed Forces. Nor are we owned or influenced by any other group.

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