*OPS is a series of intel about possibly true or reversely false experiences of covert operatives, assets and agents. Edited, altered, fictional and or true accounts of operations and events.


[ The following covert operation may or may not describe actual events. Places, names, timelines and other details may have been modified, omitted or added in part or as a whole if inspired by events and actions that may or may not have actually occurred and people that may or may not have existed. Verifiably unverifiable but with the core narrative intact. ]


       0001         [Mission Briefing]             Received a mission briefing at a safe house in Moscow. Objective: Infiltrate a corrupt police station and retrieve a stolen USB stick containing sensitive information. Time-sensitive operation. Local assets provided intel on station layout, shift changes, and key personnel.

       0002         [Infiltration]             Arrived at the vicinity of the police station, disguised as a maintenance worker. Managed to bypass the perimeter security using a falsified work order. Entered the building through a service entrance, avoiding the main lobby and CCTV coverage.

       0003         [Security System Compromise]             Located the server room. Discreetly installed a custom malware payload on the security system to create a temporary blind spot in the CCTV coverage, allowing for unimpeded access to the evidence room.

       0004         [Unexpected Patrol]             Encountered an unexpected patrol while en route to the evidence room. Utilized a non-lethal takedown and hid the unconscious officer in a storage closet. Acquired the officer’s keycard, granting access to restricted areas.

       0005         [Evidence Room Breach]             Entered the evidence room using the stolen keycard. Conducted a thorough search and located the stolen USB stick in a hidden compartment within a confiscated laptop.


       0007         [Complications]             Received a communique from local assets, indicating that the corrupt officer who stole the USB stick had returned to the station unexpectedly. Officer was armed and on high alert. Decided to proceed with caution and avoid direct confrontation.

       0008         [Exfiltration]             Utilized an alternative exit through the basement, bypassing the main lobby and the armed officer. Neutralized a security guard with a non-lethal takedown and acquired a police uniform for use as a disguise.

       0009         [Close Call]             While exiting the building, the corrupt officer spotted me in the police uniform. Played the role of a confused subordinate, providing a cover story about responding to a false alarm. Officer was suspicious but did not raise an alarm.

       0010         [Mission Complete]             Successfully exited the police station and rendezvoused with the extraction team at a predetermined location. USB stick secured and handed over to the team for transportation to HQ.


Mission accomplished without casualties or compromised cover.

[INTEL : Covert OPS List]