The Microtech Glykon is the most innovative and advanced out-the-front, double action automatic knife designed for tactical applications – the pinnacle of premium yet meant for hard-use tool knives.


  • Tri-Position Button System
  • M390 Blade, Titanium Body
  • 8.9″ Opened w/ 3.71″ Edge
  • Made in The United States

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        Unlike other models from this brand, the Microtech Glykon is user manageable (without special tools) to service and switch out parts and maintenance. One of the benefits of OTF bladed knives is it’s ability to actuate the blade faster and with less moves than folders / flippers. The integration of the button on 3 sides of the body takes it further in that regard, making the Glykon an exceedingly “fast draw” knife.

Microtech Glykon Knife Blade

As a Special Forces operator, I can testify that the right tool can make or break a mission – especially when it requires such demand. One such tool that’s become an indispensable part of my kit is the Microtech Glykon knife.

First, let’s talk about the blade. The steel is top-notch, M390 is for a lack of a better word, a “super” steel, exhibiting excellent edge retention and durability. It’s sharp enough to cut through a variety of materials, making it ideal for both fieldwork and survival scenarios while holding its edge. The blade’s design is a balance of practicality and effectiveness, whether it’s for slicing, cutting, sawing or even close quarters combat.

The handle of the Glykon knife is another winning point. It’s comfortable and secure in hand, regardless of weather conditions, bare hands or gloved. Even during long operations in the field, the grip remains steadfast. The ergonomics are clearly designed with extended use in mind, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged tasks.

Microtech Glykon Knife in Stock

A crucial feature for any tactical knife is its deployment mechanism. The Glykon’s mechanism is fast, reliable, and easy to operate even under stress. This is a testament to Microtech’s attention to detail and their commitment to delivering high-quality, bleeding edge tactical tools.

The Glykon is compact and lightweight, full sized but low profile, making it easy to carry on covert operations where every ounce counts. The integrated clip provides multiple carry options, allowing for quick access and adaptability based on my gear setup or mission requirements. It equips strategically and dynamically as I need it on my plate carrier or pant pocket,

Durability is another crucial factor, and this knife doesn’t disappoint. It has withstood rigorous usage in various field conditions – from the humid jungles to the freezing mountains, the Glykon has proven its resilience. The materials used are as high-end as they are constructed. Being made in the USA is a nice bonus.

Microtech Glykon Knife Review

One suggestion for improvement would be the inclusion of a glass breaker attachment as with most other Microtech knives. This would provide added versatility, especially during exit / entry situations or for when less lethal striking options is needed instead of the blade.

KIT     |     $400+    |     BUY

The Microtech Glykon is a well-rounded tactical knife that delivers in terms of performance, reliability, and durability. It’s a tool designed for professionals who demand the best from their gear. This knife has earned its place in my kit, and I’d recommend it to any operator in need of a dependable blade.