ProtonMail | ASSETS         ProtonMail               The Switzerland based end-to-end encrypted secure email service provider. Open source with free and premium accounts.

Silent Professionals | ASSETS         Silent Professionals               A job market site for private military, intelligence, investigator, security and tactical employment opportunities.

STRIKE APP | ASSETS        Strike App               A mobile phone app to send, receive and buy Bitcoin using the Lightning Network to anyone in the world with speed and near-free transactions.

NordVPN | ASSETS         Nord VPN               All our devices utilize this VPN service. They are essentially the best available for who takes internet privacy and security seriously.

Raytheon | ASSETS         Raytheon               A major defense, cybersecurity and aerospace contractor specializing in advanced weaponry and military equipment.

Optics Planet | ASSETS         Optics Planet               Starting with just optics, they have since become the “Amazon” of tactical / adventure / hunting gear – in the best way possible.